Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I rather dance with fishes

A few things tonight:

1) I am pretty miffed at the moment about some stupid childish idiotic stuff that I should not even have dwelled into.

2) I am pretty fucked up right now about the way a close friend was treated by a guy. I am in the mood for some male bashing right now but I should control. Control, control, control.. I should control. My temper is always getting way ahead of me.

4) I might be getting another tattoo probably over the weekend, depending on whether I can withstand the pain cos my skin is very raw at the moment. Most likely the new tattoo shall be on my shoulder blade. I think I am getting into the habit of getting tattoos whenever I am feeling vexed or fucked up.

5) I am diving again in July. I think I have fallen in love with diving. Perhaps in future, I might just invest in a set of gears. Cons, you better not fly kite on me. Ching, or any of you guys who want to join me, just leave a note here or let me know.

6) I am still pretty much toasted.

7) I am losing my appetite for some reason. I don think I have had a decent meal for the day. Lets see, I only had 3 buns, 5 biscuits and a couple of drinks. Good, the way I like it.

8) I am in the mood for some super loud music.

9) I just said this in the morning in a conversation with a dear friend : "Its better to be dancing in the sea with fishes than dancing in bed with men." Which I think pretty much hit the bulls' eyes for me at the moment. Pun intended if you know what my horoscope is.

10) Another thing I said sometime back: "Men only have 1 thing in mind." Whatever the 1 thing is, you go figure out.

Lastly, as you can pretty much tell from my tone and my words here, I am rather worked up and pissed at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Take care n don't do tattoos that u don't like just out of fustrations...