Thursday, June 29, 2006

Swinging on the moody see-saw

I have been rather moody lately. Its like I will be really hyper-active one moment and then the next, I will be fuming mad. And then the next I will be feeling so down and sad that I would cry non-stop.

Perhaps its my PMS acting up. Perhaps I am just being silly or childish.

Yet, I never have such symptoms previously. Other than when I was having my PMS but those were only for a short period of time. Now, its like lasting forever. My current bout of mood swings have already lasted for quite a period and its very taxing on me. My eyes got all puffy due to the crying and my relationships with my colleagues and family are suffering a toil cos I threw my tantrums unnecessarily. Its taxing on my emotions too, I would feel terribly drained after an episode of crying and tearing and feeling all lousy.

Am I going crazy?

I think I need help.

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