Monday, June 05, 2006

Cooked, roasted, toasted

I never know the true meaning of sunburnt until now. Its so goddamn painful..

My back has a very red and distinct imprint of my swimsuit. The skin that was not covered up and exposed directly to the sun is at the moment very red and angry looking. It feels painful even to touch it. The skin is so sensitive that all sensations seem to be magnified and its painful all the time.

My knees that were covered by the wet suit and were exposed to the sun are all red and other than the pain, its like its numb and dead. I can only feel the sharp tingling sensation on my skin.

My bones hurt, I now know that other than the skin, the sun can cause your muscle and bones to ache. I am feeling feverish all the time and I have this muscle ache that one only gets when you are having a fever, or when a certain part of your body got cut. My limps are weak and I cannot exert much strength. I cannot cross my legs cos my thighs are sunburnt too and I cannot press hard on them.

Under the yellow lights in my dining room, my hands look like its all bright red.

My mum said I looked cooked and I said, "No, I AM cooked, over cooked in fact.."

*Moaning in pain*

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