Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A trusty issue

I am vexed at the moment.

How much trust should you give to another person?

Of course, there are different levels of trust that one should retain for different people. Those whom you know for long should logically enjoy a greater level of trust from you while those whom you know for a long time should not be so trusted easily. Then again, this is just a common guideline that many use. In reality, those whom you know for the longest might just ended up betraying you the longest. The opposite might just happened too.

Some people are more willing to give their trust while others are just more, should I say, suspicious or perhaps more cynical of human nature and less willing to trust others.

Then there are those people who just do not trust anyone at all.

I am a naive person, or perhaps a more apt term should be stupid. I trust people easily and sometimes I got hurt in the process. The worse is I never seem to learn from my lessons. I am just too willling to believe in the better side of human nature. Perhaps one can say that its healthy to have such positive thoughts and feelings. Then again, others might just say that its stupid and naive. Two sides of a coin now, aren't we?

But don you find that not trusting anyone, anyone at all, is a little sad? In fact, if you ask me, its really sad. One will always be very suspicious of all around him and will be conceiving ways to twist and turn. Ultimately, one would just end up getting sucked into an abyss of loneliness and misery cos there is absolutely no one to confide or talk to. Remember, no man is an island.

In life, there are bound to have people who are just so selfish and for that, it will be a wise thing to not give them your trust. But then there are others who really deserve your trust. People whom you can count on when you are facing crisis. People whom you are willing to stand by when they are facing crisis. People who have already weatherd much storms with you and are already prepared to weathered another one with you again.

Besides, I think the best form of happiness is giving. And trust is something which you give, in order to gain it back. If you don even trust others, then how do you expect others to give you their trusts?

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