Monday, June 05, 2006

Dayang trip 02/06/06 to 04/06/06

"You survived your first diving trip!" Mr D said the moment I on my Adium last night at 130am..

Yup, that I did. I was at Dayang from Fri night to Sun noon, diving. The journey was enough to bore me but the dives compensated for the boredom on the journey there.

Ka jiao lots of corals and the residents that lived in them, saw lots of sea cucumbers and colourful sea slugs, met many fishes on their way to schools, saw a couple of large long fish, forgot the name for them and lastly, who can forget the few jellyfishes that I bumped into on my ascents and also while I was snorkelling. Freaked me out I tell ya.. These pinkish, spineless, membrane looking creatures just seemed to appear when you least expected them. Underwater, you can see the length of their tentacles and up on the boat, you can see their pinkish mushroom heads bobbing. But on the surface of the water, you will not be able to see them unless you put your head underwater to look around, or until you bumped into them. Weird but beautiful looking creatures, although I never want to have any dealings with them..

And of course, the really bad sunburnt that I am having at the moment and the few scraps and bumps that I got for kneeling the corals and seabeds.. Ouch.. On my sunburnt area somemore...

I am definitely going diving again, although I had to retake my theory and had to go back and retake. Damn..

Some lousy quality pictures that I took of the surroundings.. Will post the better looking ones after my colleagues send to me..



DK said...

Alamak... You never bring a decent digital camera along? What a waste. :P

Iris said...

I don have one mah... Can only rely on my K750 mah..