Saturday, June 10, 2006

Human mynahs

Have you ever noticed how a common mynah walks?

I was sitting on the bench of the train station this morning when I noticed a common mynah strolling on the platform of the train station, where passengers wait for their trains. The little fellow was walking around feeling all important, as if it owned the train station. With each step, the head would protrude out, in tune with its steps. I don know about you readers here but somehow I just got the feeling that it was feeling all important, too much confidence and perhaps a little arrogant.

Then again, its just a an animal, with limited intelligence and so perhaps I should not be so harsh in my comments towards it. Cos it does not know better.

People, on the other hand, are another thing altogether.

Do those people who are too confident to to point of being arrogant gets into you? People whom you know who have limited knowledge and yet feel very confident cos they think they know it all? People who place themselves on a high altar cos they believe their value system is more superior than others?

Again, I don know about you but I find these people really pathetic and laughable. Pathetic cos they are like the toad in a well, limited in their vision and yet think that they have seen the whole sky. Their vision and mentality are limited by their own views and arrogance. Laughable cos they are not able to realize that others are actually laughing at their inability to realize that they are the laughing stock of others.

The most pathetic of them all is that others do not bother to correct these human mynahs cos as the saying goes, never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

Besides fools drag you to their level.

So why bother?

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