Monday, August 01, 2005


Ok, I need help.

For those who know me, you would know that I need to go back to JB for my lasik eye treatment. There is one last check up at JB and I have no one to go with me. I have been asking my friends to join me but the problem is that the day falls on a Friday and it is a working day so they can't excuse themselves from their work. It would be unfair for me to ask them take leave. I also can't postpone it to the following Saturday cos I am having a stock take in my company and I can't excuse myself on that day.

So who is willing to accompany me to JB? I really don want to go there alone.

And no, I am a poor girl after buying my new K750i phone so I can't afford to give any monetary rewards for your companionship!

Edit: The appointment is on the 19th of Aug. Anyone anyone?!


DK said...

Which Friday? Can consider..... But I've never wondered into JB with friends before. Haha....

Raggatt said...

Hi Iris! I'd go with you, except I'm also at work on that Detroit Michigan USA! But will think of you and wish you well. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.

Iris said...

Haha! i sure as hell won't mind going to Detroit Michigan to look for you if I have the means!

Thanks pal..!

DM said...

Let me know again. I might be going in on the 19th to check our some car stuff.