Saturday, August 20, 2005


Woud you judge someone if he or she has a different set of values or place different priorities or have a lifestlye that is different from you? Would you feel weird if that someone is your closed friend or is someone whom you respect and admire a lot and then it turns out, this person is engaged in something that makes you rethink your admiration or respect for them?

Lets say someone whom you respected a lot told you that she is involved with a married man. She knows that what she is doing is going to hurt the parties involved and yet she still carry on with what she is doing. You, on the other hand, is someone who has a very well-defined set of rights and wrongs. What your friend is doing is going against with your values and you do not feel comfortable with it.

Will you judge her and lose your respect for her?

Unfortunately, humans are flawed. Everyone has committed certain acts in their lives which they are not proud of. This is cos sometimes temptations are just too much for us to avoid. If that is the case, who are we to judge others, much less than to lecture on them for their actions. The values that you define as right or wrong are only limited to your definition and other people's definition will differ from you. So which set of definitions do you rely on when you are making your judgement of others, your friend or yours?


DK said...

I believe what is past is past.... No point judging someone base on his/her past....

Instead, judge someone base on present.

rijac said...

be honest with your friend and tell her how you feel about what she is doing, but try not to judge her. like you said, who are we to judge when we ourselves may have done things which we are not proud of? especially if we do not know all the facts of the situation. humans may experience a 'shift' in values depending on the circumstances.

Beaver21 said...

honestly, who are we to judge?? For it is written, "if anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her (the woman caught in adultery)."