Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mac mini anyone?

Mac Mini
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This is so darn coo! I am actually writing this entry with a Mac Mini, bluetooth keyboard and mouse and the monitor is actually a TV! WOW!

What happened was that I slept over at Eelin's house. And then I discovered that she actually has a Mac mini hooked onto her TV. I was so excited that I took pictures of the whole setpup while Eelin looked at me in amusment, labelling me "Internet Junkie" at the same time. But who bothers, I am just so excited that I will be able to play on it..!

At this moment, I am alone in her house. Her parents and her had gone to church and she asked me to wait for her to return and lunch with her later in the afternoon. I am just so excited with playing her new toy and I can't believe it when she said "ok. lets set up the machine for you to play." Cool!

The only complain that I have about this setpup is that the screen is a little too far from the sofa and I have some difficulties making out the words that I am writing now. Have to squint my eyes a little.. :D

I am definitely going to be coming to her house more often now.... Heh..


Beaver21 said...

wow, mac mini hooked to a TV.. how big is the TV?? Looks quite big on the pic. Btw, it's connected using the DVi is it??

Iris said...

yah, everything is connected, DVDs etc. The TV is huge, although i don know the dimensions, just that its quite large.

Cool right!

dm said...

My house also have wor.. Wanna come over? :P