Monday, August 22, 2005


I really can't stand this sis of mine. She is so judgemental, bitchy and yet she is always acusing me of that.

Her ex-boyfriend came over to our house 2 days ago. He still cannot get over the fact that my sis dump him for another guy.. He bought a lot of food for Ozzie, and also a jacket for my sis. From the looks of it, that piece of Adidas jacket must have cost a bomb. He also told my mum that she can just call him if we need anything. Sigh, even I cannot help but felt really sorry for him. Hes such a nice guy, a little boring perhaps but is a very honest and down-to-earth guy.

Instead of returning the jacket to him, my stupid sis choose to accept it. And the best excuse that she can come up with is that she will be getting him a gift in return for the jacket since there is nothing he can do with a female jacket anyway!

WTF lah! Its people's money, if you don want him, just return him his stuff lah! Why would you still care what he is going to do with the jacket! Fuck lah! So I told her off and she said I am judging her!

Look whos talking! Whos the bitch who is saying that I am a slut for meeting boys online? Whos the bitch who is always accusing me of sleeping with all the guys that I met online? Whos the bitch who is always reminding me that I am a slut?

Judgemental? My foot! And I was not even judging her, I just want her to not do something that is going to hurt her poor ex-boyfriend's feelings further. Loving someone who betrayed you is the worse thing to happen to anyone..


DK said...

Cool down okie. She grown up liao. If she wanna keep the jacket, let her keep lor. Why bother so much?

Wyldth1ng said...

Maybe the problem isn't with your sister, and it is really a problem of morals from your parents.

Sometimes the truth hurts.