Wednesday, August 10, 2005


It seems that old memories just refuse to stay buried and die away.

Sometimes I really wonder at the ability of the human's mind to remember so much stuff and yet there are other times, I really wish that the brain is not such an amazing mass of human tissue. These are times when I just want to give my brain a thorough wash and delete away whatever painful memories that I have. These are times when I wish that I could just feel nothing and live my days as what they are, even though its rather empty and passive at the moment. These are times when I really wish I can forget.

If only life is just like a Word document. If you do not like whatever you write, you can just backspace and delete away those parts. Or just undo, thats an even better option. The page will remain as white and as new as before, no stains, no scars, no nothing. like a brand new piece of paper. Why can't life be as simple as that?

Man have invented so many ways to turn the old and ugly into new and beautiful but I think the best invention that can possibly happen would be the ability to turn old hurts into naught, into nothing. So that one remains brand new and without any hurt or pain. Or perhaps just turn back time, so that whatever happened can be erased off and then start everything afresh. No pain felt or no feelings hurt.

That would certainly be amazing.


DK said...

But too bad, the brain is not a Word document. You can't erase your memories.

So instead of feeling upset and wanna erase those unpleasant memories, why not just learn to live with it. After all, it's those bad memories that make good memories more enjoyable.

Cheer up gal. :)

Iris said...

Thanks dk, you are a very sweet guy after all! :P

Paddy Tan said...

Sometimes at a certain stage of life, certain memories are best not to be recallable but at times, these memories are not for you to go thru the pain or hurt again. But small little reminders to make a better you over time.

Iris said...

Thanks Paddy, for the advice. I know one's experiences strength one's character but sometimes its just so damn difficult to get past the memories..

Paddy Tan said...

Just dont get past it, no point forcing yourself.
Force memories lapse are usually the most difficult to forget, only to come back to you (no pun intended) later.