Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Most embarassing phone conversation

Ok, this was a very awkward situation.

I was looking through my wardrobe trying to make up my mind on what clothes I should wear for my outing today. Just as I was going to make up my mind, I had a phone call. It was from a UOB agent, trying to get me to meet up with him so that he can advise me on some insurance policies.

So, I went to answer the phone, in my birthday suit. The door was closed and the only other person in the house was my mom and she was sound asleep. Thinking that my door was securely locked, I did not give it a second thought and continue trying to get the agent off my back and end the call.

As I was just halfway through my phone conversation, when the really unexpected happened. My mother burst through my door! Gawd! I could have just fainted from the shock of my life!

There I was sitting on a chair, butt naked, trying my darndest to get the agent to hang up the phone and there was this half-awaken woman with hair sticking out all over her head bursting into my room without knocking, trying to get me to read out a message for her!

I froze! I couldn't even bring myself to exclaim to this crazy woman that I was naked and get her to get out of my room! Because I still had the agent on the phone and I did not want him to know that I was talking to him while in my birthday suit!

My mother on the other hand exclaimed, "Aiyoh, whatever are you doing in your room naked! Why are you naked?"
At that point, I really wanted to dig a hole, throw myself into it and never crawl out again. The agent on my phone must have heard me cos he stopped talking for a while and there was silence.

I firgured since he already heard my mum, I might as well shout for that woman to get out. So I went "Get out. NOW!"

She went laughing, get this, LAUGHING and then went out and closed the door after her! Had the nerve to laugh! Damn it!

I quickly made up some excuse to the agent and then hang up the phone. But I just have the strongest feeling that he was laughing with his toes at me on the other side of cos I could just hear his sniggers.. Damn it, that was my most embarassing phone conversation EVER!

After that, I went to confront my old woman.

"Would you mind knocking on my door before you enter? Its really rude and see the embarassment you caused me! And I was on the phone so you shouldn't have shout so loud that I was naked ok! So embarassing!"

"How the hell am I supposed to know that you were naked ah? And just what were you doing naked in your room?"

"To change lah! Then what the hell do you think I would be naked for?!"

In all my 25 years of living, I have never had such an embarassing phone conversation. And I was totally caught off guard. Darn it!


DK said...

Luckily I'm not at the other line.... else I'll really roll on the floor and laugh...

lakeside girl said...

*stifles giggles* I'm sorry babe, but u're really funny! Look on the bright side, you've probably made his day too. He will need to take his cold shower during work. ;)

Raggatt said...

Sorry, but that's hilarious!! What a great giggle! Thanks!!!

Iris said...


You guys laugh all you want, but if you were in my position, I strongly DON think you will laugh!

My ears were as red as the tomatoes on that day. And the worse thing is I've gotta act normal so as to ease the ultra-awkward situation between the agent and me while I am thinking of ways to shut my old woman up and try not to kick her ass out of my room at the same time!


Raggatt said...
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Raggatt said...

You're right, for sure. You know we've all been embarassed before too. No offense meant!! I really hope none is taken! But maybe you'll laugh later...? It did make a great blog entry (at least).

I could tell a similar story about passing out in public at a game arcade (from low blood sugar), being grabbed around the waist by a stranger who saw me falling, and as I continued to slide toward the floor, my shirt ended up around my neck and my pants split wide open. This was back in the 70's and I wasn't wearing a bra or underwear!!! Came to and everyone was staring at me. My boyfriend at the time made me stay there until he finished his foozball game with his friends! :) :)

Iris said...

Oh dear lord! That was real embarassing!

But yah, I guess its such embarassing moments that liven our lives up..!

And I wasn't offended. :)