Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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YES! I finally said the phrase that I wanted to say for a long time! I was approached by a salesman who wanted to sell me contact lens and I looked at him in the eyes and said "I don need contacts."

Wow! The exihilaration of saying these 4 words! After 17 years of shortsightedness, (I wore my first pair of glasses when I was just 8 years old), just by saying these 4 words alone was enough to make me go "YES!". I exclaimed so loud that a man standing in front of me on the escalator turned around and looked at the commotion behind..

Went to have dinner with DK. Initially wanted to go catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but missed the timing so went to have dinner instead. Didn't realize I was so hungry until I thought of food. Finished the whole set of pig's organ soup with a whole full bowl of rice.. Burb.. Practically licked the bowls dry.. I also finished half of a Chicago cheesecake.. Hmm, ever wonder why cheesecakes are being named after American States? New York cheesecakes and now this Chicago cheesecake.. Are there really any differences..??

Oh dear, I think I am going to have gastric pain now..


DK said...

Next time, I'll remember to remind u to eat slowly.....

Ur gastric ok?

Iris said...

No pblm now. Just feel like burbing all the time..