Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Strange day

This is so dumb..

I got my paycheck yesterday, looked at it and just chucked it away after checking that my pay is correct. And today, at my colleagues' pressure, I took it out and looked through it again. And realized I actually got additional personal bonus. Sheesh..

And I am the only one in my department to get it.

On any other occasions, I would be thrilled to get whatever bonus but the fact that none of my colleagues in my department got it made it just not right. Tongues would wag, tales would be told. And I got my bonus. Damn.

I just found out that Ah Beng is gonna be Daddy for the third time.

But hes not really enthusiastic or thrilled or even want to keep his baby. Actually, I don really blame him. The cost of living in Singapore is so damn bloody high. Having 1 child is fun, two is tough, three is really no joke. Goodness.

However, having said that, I certainly don encourage his course of action. All lives are precious, and its his flesh and blood after all. Just as what Mike said, "You want song, no rubber, so now kenna lah!"

As usual, Mike always seem to have this uncanny ability to hit the bull's eyes. Or in this case, the cock's eyes. Heh heh heh, I am a notti girl...

Anyway, I told Ah Beng, its your baby, your flesh and blood, just accept it and worry about the rest later. Though, he did not look very convinced.

I think I should just send him this


DK said...

But if you think about it, the baby will suffer more if he cannot earn enough to provide her the things she need. we talking about basic things she need her like milk powder and diapers. Not toys yet.

Yes, it sound cruel. But if you let me choose between a baby suffering or abortion, i'll choose the latter.

Iris said...

The thing is, I believe he can afford it, just that perhaps not at a comfotable level that he would prefer..