Friday, January 13, 2006

Soul searching

Whats the nicest thing that you ever did for a fellow human? It does not have to be something extravagant nor does it have to involve a huge amount of money. What matters was that you managed to touch someone's life and make his/her day.

How long did you take to answer this question? Or are you able to answer this question at all?

On the contrary, what was the nastiest thing that you ever did to another fellow human? Something that actually hurt another person so much that their concept of humanity were changed, no matter if its temporarily. Something that actually hurt another person to the core, and left the bitter and stinging taste of hatred in them. Something so drastic that you actually felt so disgusted with yourself.

Again, how long did you take to answear this question? And is it easier to answer than the first?

Its so much easier for me to answer the second question than the first.

Actually, come to think of it, I did not manage to answear the first question at all.. This really says something about me.

I need some soul searching, desperately..

How about you?


Calamity Man said...

i'm on it, slowly this time.

this time i'm trying to apply trusting my instincts a bit more.

haven't really mastered it but i'm getting better.

i realized that when i go against my instincts, bad things happen.

Anonymous said...


I can say I can answer the first question but not really on the second one. If u really care for human beings on this Earth, you should achieve that for them , provided you have the time and the mood for them.... Guess we all have the ability but sometimes, the flesh is weak ....