Thursday, January 19, 2006

Help me find my owners!

Paddy's cousin found me at Clementi St13, I am still looking for my human mummy and daddy..

If you happen to see them asking for me, please please help me inform them.. I miss them very much..

Thank you!


rijac said...

why don't you adopt it?

Iris said...

I can't, I already have a dog at home and my dad and my sis are always getting into arguments cos of that, imagine what 2 dogs will do!

Besides I am not exactly a dog person, I prefer cats..

Paddy Tan said...

Hope not too late to thank you Iris. :)
Been tied up with some marketing event these days.

Iris said...

Its my pleasure but really, there isn't any need to thank me..

So has the owner been found?