Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I need a holiday. Desperately.

No, make that realy really really desperately. Especially after seeing this guy's Flickr photostream

I have never flown on a plane before and that CB seems to be always reminding me of that. Yah I know, I beri sua ku, but hey, I already got a turtle on my back as a proof!

Just kidding lah.


I really would like to go on a holiday. Somewhere far.. Somewhere like Europe or the States. I nearly made up my mind to go Germany 2 years back, having just known Tobi. The only reason that was holding me back was money, as usual.

I think perhaps by the end of this year, I am going to have a holiday, to somewhere far. For some reason, I am never really keen on going to Asian countries. Perhaps cos they all have the same buildings and flavours. I want to go to somewhere old, where the civilizations and cultures there have a long history. Hmm..

Bacrelona, Germany?

Anyone? Tobi? :D


rijac said...

if you take one of the jetstar asia flights its fairly reasonable to get to one of the nearby places like phuket, chiangmai, bali etc... you will be surprised, they aren't necessarily all the same as singapore or malaysia.

Anonymous said...

maybe u might wana learn how to spell barcelona first..

Iris said...

Oops, typo lah...

Hahahaha!! Malu..!

starz said...

I also wan go on holiday~! Esp when I just realised that I have a 2 weeks term break after my exams! But the $ factor keeps reminding me that I can go... :'(