Thursday, January 26, 2006

Of cabbies and phones

My new Sony Ericsson phone slipped out when I was getting out of my cab while coming back home from work earlier. I did not even reazlize it until late at night and then when I did, I panicked. Without my phone, I am effectively paralysed at work.

Called the phone and the cabbie answered it only after 3 calls. Turned out, he had no idea how to unlock my phone. Thank God for the keypad locking function!

Wanted to ask him to come all the way from Serangoon but he did not sound willing about it so I went down to Puggol to meet him before he changed his mind about returning me my phone.

Took another cab down all the way to the other end of Singapore and then after some misturnings by cabbie 2, we managed to find the honest cabbie 1, who was rather put off by the waiting. The 2 cabbies almost got into an argument cos of me actually. Cabbie 1 accusing cabbie 2 of purposely taking the wrong turning while cabbie 2 accusing cabbie 1 of giving the wrong directions. I was just stuck in between the 2 cabbies. Phew..

Anyway I am just too happy and relieved to get my phone back...

And the price of this midnight roller-coaster ride?


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