Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My most loyal fan

I think the award for Most Ardent fan of iRis blog should definitely go out to rijac..! Applause please..

Mr rijac actually told me that he dreamt about me last night! Hahaha!

In his dream, I drove a Mazda-looking car and I was turning out from a bungalow with huge fence when he saw me. I gave him and lift and we went to Esplanade together. Then as we alighted, he saw my turtle and then we went our separate ways.

Now, if thats not considered a loyal fan, I don know what would!

Actually, I would be more flattered if its a wet dream......! Hahahaha!!


rijac said...


LOL! didn't realize you were posting this!

Iris said...

Heh, I got loyal fan leh, how can not post!

DK said...

I jealous liao.

That time i also told u i got dream of you leh.

Ok, no mazda and bungalow lah.

Iris said...


I seem to be the "dream gal" of my fans here..!