Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dollars and kilos

A day to relax and a day to take a breather at home, just basically doing nothing and yet I am here, worried about my work tomorrow and about my ever-depleting bank account. Somehow, over the past week, I managed to spend the whole month of my salary and at the rate which I am spending, I think its only a matter of time before I am broke. Gosh, that sounds so scary... Yesterday, I managed to blow like $150 in a single day, on clothes, food, transport and movies of course. Jeeze, I never know that there are so many interesting notches hidden in the central business district of my beloved tiny red island. Add another $150 blown while shopping ALONE on Sunday at Harbourfront, that would make $300 gone in 2 days! $300 in 2 days! Kaoz...! Although the stuff are rather on the high side, I am in too much of a spending spree to really think twice. Its only when I was woken up with a jolt in the middle of the night that the whole idea began to dawn on me and end up, I could not get back to sleep.. Goodness.. I am actually losing sleep over my spending habits...

And then there is my ever growing appetite. Perhaps its nearing that time of the month when my hormones are in a hyperactive mode or perhaps its cos I have started to get more active than before, with the weekly badminton sessions with the good people of SPUG, I find myself getting hungry more often. NOooooooo!!! And I think I have put on a few kilos, though I still did not have the courage to take a look at my weighing scale.. What a dumbass... I can literally eat like 3 meals a day and snack like 3 times in between the meals.. And the stuff that I eat belong to the super unhealthy category, cheese, pizzas, chips, cha kway teow etc.. OMG! Its so fucking scary! I think I am turning into a ball, literally, as predicted dear old daddy!

Yikes, I think I am having another panic attack. Help!!


Calamity Man said...

ya know, in sports, if you wanna improve your game, there's this saying that goes, "be the ball".

be the ball... .

i think you're taking it a tad too seriously, hon. ;)

Anonymous said...

then i guess i shldnt go , lest i stress u out further.

Iris said...

Well, my dad is always comparing me to a ball.. He always saying "girl, don eat so much and excercise, you are fat like a ball already.."

Mr Anonymous, it would be a good idea if you go, cos I look at you, I don feel so stressed out by my weight already! :D