Friday, January 13, 2006


Its been so cold these days, not that I am complaining, of course. I love cold and wet weathers, everything seems so much quieter and cleaner during rainy days.

I have always had a thing or two for temperate countries, with the snow and all. I would really love to see and feel real snow during my lifetime. If I have the chance, I might just splurge on a week's holiday in some really cold countries, Switzerland does come into the mind ever so often. Or maybe even Germany, heh!

Tobi once sent me a CD of his hometown and it was so breathtakingly beautiful. The trees, houses, the ice lake and most of all, the long and lonely road in the forest. Imagine yourself walking into your fogged breathe on a long windy road with snowed capped trees as companions on either side, as you meander along the road in the cold. And the quiet peacefulness as you gather your thoughts.

As much as Tobi used to tell me that the winters are not as fun as I imagined it to be, I still prefer to retain a slight amount of romance in my girlish imagination about winters and snow.

I really do think I will love winters!

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