Saturday, January 28, 2006

Phallic pole

I was on the train with Eelin last night and we were standing near the doors, holding onto those metallic poles. While talking to her, I unconsciously grabbed the pole with my palms and rubbed it, playing with my handprint smudges. I continued doing that while talking to Eelin at the same time, until suddenly she burst into some tight giggles.

"Whats wrong?"

She gave me a rather tight smile and whispered to me.

"I think you are generating some rather phallic thoughts in that man in white over to your right."


I turned around and saw a man in white over to my right looking away from me.

"He was smiling foolishly while looking at you running your hands along the pole. Its either cos he thinks you are cute or he is having some thoughts about you doing what you are doing to the pole to his you-know-where. I have a very strong feeling that its the latter."

"Huh??" Wah lau! I was just playing with my handprint smudges!"



Calamity Man said...

you've been practising a lot, havent you?

Iris said...

Yah, on poles..

Don have the real thing for me to practice mah...!


Calamity Man said...

not biting. mmmmph.

Iris said...

You talking about yourself or me?

Just in case, I don have a habit of biting poles.. I still want my teeth!