Monday, February 26, 2007

I wanna be with you forever

Just some time back I mentioned about how I find the act of 2 people entwined together during sex so erotic.

I am going to talk more about this in detail today.

Imagine kissing someone you love, deeply in the mouth, your hands caressing his neck while your other hand is wrapped gently round his head. As you get carried away with his soft lips, and his gentle touch, you get so intoxicated with his scent, his movements and his kiss..

His hands started to explore your body while you are so carried away that you have no idea that you have already begin to explore his body as well. The 2 of you are soon entwined together, moving together, drunk in each other's scents, touches and caresses, enjoying the simple sensation of just being together..

The reason why I find the sight of a man and woman entwined together, naked, so erotic has nothing to do with sex or anything sexual. Its just the fact that the sight is just so, well, warm. Maybe its just me but for 2 persons to really get wrapped so tightly around each other, something magical must have existed in the first place.

Note again I am not talking about sex, just the sight of 2 lovers hugging and lying together, wrapped around each other.

Maybe I am a naive girl but I think most of us need lots of such magic, we tend to take these magic for granted..

So now, perhaps its time you let the person you love know that you love him or her?

If it were up to me, I really would like to let the person I love to know that, to let him know that...

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