Friday, February 23, 2007

Dexter Season 1 Episode 5

Freedom is another word of getting fucked.

After a blowjob, she expects me to take it to another level.

The inability to feel has it advantages, sometimes.

Alone, no pretending, no hiding, no time to relax.

Don't go down on that emotional road, just go down on her, its easier that way.

Father: Dexter, women are different from men. They have a whole different experience of things, when they are with someone physically, they feel connected. And they know when you are not, they can sense it because you are very exposed.
Dexter: Yea, cos you are naked.

Somehow I find it reassuring that I am not the only one pretending to be normal.

I hate this, questioning every moves. Maybe I should just break it off.

Alone might be better off. Relationships are too confusing.

Dexter: How did you love each other.
Victims: We share the same dreams.

I want a normal life. Average, ordinary.

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