Saturday, March 03, 2007

Talking to myself

You know someone is lonely and bored when she starts to take an interest in shopping alone, eating alone, basically doing things alone.

Thats what I had been doing quite frequently. Entertaining myself, doing things by myself, hanging out by myself.

Frankly speaking, I was quite alright with it. Other than the fact that my parents are starting to feel worried about me, cos they keep asking me if everything is alright with me and questioning me on why am I shopping alone.

Until I start to talk to myself. Not just in my head, but talking out loud, thinking my thoughts out and treating myself like another person. Thats where it starts to feel a little weird. And its quite frequent too.

The first time I noticed it was I asked myself what I would like for lunch, in a public food court too. It was a lucky thing no one was around me or they would feel weird..



scubscub said...

Hey, I am like that too. :)

Its nothing serious, just that sometimes I feel that everything sounds clearer when I speak them out loud and I even can answer my own questions!

As for shopping, eating and doing things alone, I does that a lot too. In fact, 80% of my time I do all this alone. I shop whenever I want to, because I want to get things or walk around. However, there are times where no one has the time to keep you company, or its better to do things at your own time and pace.

I feel a sense of independence too when I shop or eat or go out alone. I am telling myself at the same time that I am capable to do stuffs without the dependence of another person and my life goes on too. Sometimes waiting for your whole life is too painful a process that its better to enjoy along the way rather than pining hopes on others.

iRis said...

Yea, its just that sometimes, it certainly is so much warmer to have someone around you to depend on..

anyway, i know exactly what you mean by shopping alone, you can go anywhere at anytime so its very free..!