Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Its painful to let someone go"

"Its so painful to let someone go."

That was the line that I heard from a serial drama that I was watching.

Indeed, its painful to let someone go, even more unbearable than a heartbreak. Letting go means you have given up and giving up implies disappointments and failure. Its to the point when you do not even have the energy to master the courage to face the reality, that there will only be failures and more failures, past or present or future.

Thats when you decided that enough is enough, its time to let go. And it certainly hurts to let go of what you desire, or rather who you desire, than to keep holding to a hope, as much tiny as the hope is.

Its the thought that you will never be able to see the person whom you desire again that magnifies the pain even more.

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