Friday, February 16, 2007

Lessons I learnt at work

Ever since I started working, I have since learned quite a number of lessons on humans and not a lot of them are good. It certainly open my eyes to the how humans treat each other.

First lesson
All humans are selfish. Ultimately, each to his own. No one will help you if there are no benefits to them from helping. And when it comes to crunch time, its either you attack or you die.

Second lesson
Always cover your asses. Never, never and I mean never expose your ass to persecution cos an exposed ass is always the first one to get shot at and you've gotta admit, a pretty white ass is a very nice target to shoot at.

Third lesson
Never trust anyone. At all. Period.

Forth lesson
Learn how to push. Push duties, push responsibilities, push blames. Whatever that can be pushed, push them away.

Fifth lesson
Money talks, a lot. And so does the way you look. It does not matter that you are not rich, as long as you are dressed rich, people will see you in a better light.

Sixth lesson
Be confident. No matter if you are confused or if you do not know what is happening, remain calm and act like you know a lot of things. Of course, try not to open your mouth and sprout some nonsense if you have no idea what is the subject being talked about otherwise you will end up looking like a confident moron.

Seventh lesson
Did I say never trust anyone? Not even your friends.

Eighth lesson
Always know how to talk. And talk well. Your speech accounts for a large part of your first impression to others. No one wants to talk to an empty headed person who stutters.

Ninth lesson
Charm and charisma are a huge part of popularity. And popularity gets people to listen to you and helps you to get things done

Last lesson
Always call in favors. They are the best way to motivate people to help you.


il said...

i do not dispute yr observations. u r right.

but then again, it need not be so grim. look at how yr boss talked to u when u wanted to leave. it was something, i feel. he/she took the effort, and on a personal level, to connect to you...

so... yes there r ugliness in this world. just know them, n possibly understand them. but u don't have to feel bad abt them cos there are equal parts beauty in this world.. we live for them.

Cornball said...

You mean you didnt learn this in school?

iRis said...

Nope, never learn all these in school. I am too protected in my little world by my parents and my friends that I have became really naive and working really open my eyes to the true human nature.

My world is getting darker, or rather I should say, I am getting more and more exposed to reality.

I still believe that humans are good ultimately, its the environment which changes us all.

Paddy Tan - said...

My comment may look weird or incorrect but take a step back here that if you can already identified what the typical people are doing, you know it but you dont follow suit.

Dont do what others are doing and be different. Put yourself out, do the opposite. They push, you pull. They shift, you take. To be different from others, to be able to climb up the ladder, you have to be different and different in a stronger, upright way that will earn the respects of others.

Too many times, I came across these type of people and at the end of the day where are they? Still in the same old job or the same level doing internal petty fighting, meaningless (to them it is very meaningful) endless stabbings, not willing to take up more work, be more responsible ...

These are the people that cant go far or perhaps harsh as it may sound, normal. Just a normal employee, a normal human beings.

So if you are someone that wanna go far and beyond, identified them and work on how to use them to your advantages.

Goat Almighty said...

spot on iris. too right.

can't beat em. won't join em. just leave em and create your own path towards betterness.

happy chinese new year.

DK said...

I disagree with your first lesson. Not everyone is selfish. At least I've seen people willing to help you even when it doesn't benifit them at all.

iRis said...

Paddy, now that you mentioned it, ya, the ones who climb the fastest are the ones who take in everything, all kinds of shit and then when they are up there, they can afford to push.. heh

DK, actually they are not selfish if they don see any ills of helping. Try and ask them for help if their actions implicate them in certain ways and you will then see their true nature. I mean, will you help if you might get yourself into trouble?

GA, I never like joining these people but sometimes working together means you gotta engage in these childish political games or be left out totally. Nevertheless, knowing the nature of people helps in dealing with them..

Happy New Year everyone!