Saturday, February 24, 2007

Games dislike me.

I was chatting to a friend earlier, over PS3, and the conversation led to me telling him that I am getting a game for him, Superman Returns (Thanks Paddy!).

And then I heard from him that the reviews for this game apparently wasn't really good. Oh well..

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to say here.

We were talking about games and he gave me a link to Games Trailers and thats when I saw God of War.

And thats when he told me this, "I am still stuck at the revolving blades."

The last time I saw him played that game was what, about 3 months back? At that time, he was stuck at some revolving blades. The part was tough. He had to get his character to run across a huge log, with blades sticking out from the it. Missing a step would mean dropping down into a bottomless pit of fire.

I replied, "Huh? So long?" Then I proceeded to laugh at him.

Needless to say, he was rather unhappy to be laughed at. "U? You don even play games!"

Ok, I am pathetic, I admit it. I cannot and I mean CANNOT play games. I freaked every time I come across a difficult game. I still remember when I was younger, my sis and bro and my mum (yes, my mum love to play games on the Nintendo set) would fight over each other to play Super Mario on the Nintendo set. Me? I would just grab my pillow and sit there quietly watching them play. It did not matter who was playing, the important thing was someone was playing on the game and I would just sat there watching them play.

There were times when they offered me to play on the set, seeing that I was the only one missing out on all the fun and actions. I tried, I did. And freaked me out. I would get so excited and so nervous about my character dying that I literally jumped when my character got killed! My sis, the expert in games had to "save" me a lot of times by snatching the controllers from me and continue the game on my behalf.

Needless to say, she enjoyed it. A lot.

Even now when I am all grown up, I still cannot ever seem to play games. The games now are so much more sophisticated, the graphics so gorgeous and the technology so advance. I especially like watching games trailers. You know before the game starts, there would be this short portion of scene re-enacting out the plot of the games, like a mini animation by itself. I think I love watching these trailers more than the playing the games itself.

And I like watching people play more than playing the games itself.

Weird right? I think my poor heart just cannot take the thrill of playing games. Too scary man.. Imagine being hacked up by strange bioorganic monsters after being chased by some robotic-organic creatures in a broken down space station. I rather watch someone else play and watch someone else' characters getting killed by the monster.

So, there you go, now you know what a lousy pathetic girl I am. I suck at computer, console or Lan games. Basically, I just suck at games. I am better off watching people play, its more interesting that way.

That said, I would love to watch someone play F.E.A.R. Been trying to locate the trailer for this game but just cannot seem to find it.

Anyone kind souls here to help me? Thanks!


vesance said...

iRis said...

Hmm, youtube, why didn't I think of that!

Thanks vesance!

Paddy Tan - said...

God of War is fun but tough .. I was stuck at a few stage too. Urgh.

iRis said...

Oh man, God of War is so damn cool! I have been watching the trailers for the past few days and still not tired of it. The animation is so fantastic and the storyline is rather engaging. And Kretos is so good at fighting! I was totally blown off by the way he fought the larger monsters. The game is too violent though, very bloody and very gory with tearing of heads, limbs and eyes...

I cant wait for the game to come out...