Friday, February 23, 2007

Watching a Serial Killer

I just fell in love with a new show.

Dexter, a vigilante serial killer who only kills other serial killers. He and his brother witnessed a serial killer chopping their mother into pieces when they were very young. The cop who was at the scene took him in and discovered his, shall we say, special needs. He taught him how to control his urge, how to blend in with the normal people, how to track his victims, cover his tracks and most of all, never to kill innocent people.

Its a very traumatizing, to say the least about the show.

Its interesting as hell and I am hooked on it.

There was one thing that caught my attention the most about the show. It was a sex scene between Dexter and his girlfriend. Well, actually there was another scene that caught my attention too. It was another sex scene between Dexter's sister and her boyfriend.

The thing about sex scenes are that they are, well, interesting. Two people's body entwined together, pushing against each other, riding on top of each other and sweating everything out.

The whole scene was just so erotic. Body parts were not exactly shown. Of course, you have a glimpse here and there, of thighs, shoulders, necks, backs etc. But not everything. Sensitive parts were not shown. That makes it even more erotic, in my opinion.

And also makes it more, shall we say, full of love?

Two bodies joined to a single heartbeat.

I wish I can enjoy such moments as well.

I think I am getting a little horny here..


Anonymous said...

Wah piang...horny? find a bf then settle it! hee hee

iRis said...

A gf is not meant for sex only, a bf is also not meant for sex only too.

Besides, I ain't looking for sex.

il said...

hmmm... dexter isn't in the top 20..
shall i get it?

iRis said...

yea, you should. Its very engaging but rather traumatizing to watch.