Monday, February 12, 2007

The reason why I am staying

For a while I wanted to move out and live on my own, my parents being the main reason why I was contemplating such a drastic action. I mean, I love my house, its big and spacious and all my things are here with me, my favorite pillow, my bolster, my clothes, my bags, basically my stuff. But sometimes my parents just drive me nuts. They are just too protective of me, to the point that they are getting too sticky.

And you ask me why ain't I looking for places to live, instead of just sitting there, not flipping newspaper desperately, asking around or calling agents to look for available rooms to rent?

Its cos I love my parents too much.

Constance was the person that made me realize that.

I was asking her if she would like to be my roommate, having heard her mention that she would like to move out one day and live her life alone. I was actually expecting her to agree to be my roommate on the spot when I popped the question to her but I got the most unexpected answer from her.

"Don you want to spend more time with your parents? They are old already, how many years do you think you have left with them?"

That remark just struck me, like a snap of finger. My parents are really getting on in years. Five years back, my father would have never complain about cold. In fact he used to shower with cold water and he always used to go shirtless at home. Now, he only showers in warm water, sleep with the blanket and would ask us why is the weather so cold. My mum, she cannot walk properly now cos her joints hurt all the time, I am always hearing her complaints.

My bro has already moved out with his girlfriend. My sis is always not at home. If I were to move out, they would be all alone. No doubt they still have each other but to them it will just be like being abandoned, by their children. I really hate for them to feel that way.

I count my blessings everyday that my parents are still around, still so lovey-dovey to the point of being mushy, still healthy and alive. I cannot imagine the day when my parents pass on, I think a part of me would die totally. I just love them so much.

Its ironic that the reason why I want to live on my own is also the reason why I cannot bear to shift out.


Goat Almighty said...

it not only shows that the thing on your shoulders still work, it also shows that you have a lot of heart.

good on you for being so sensible.

iRis said...

I don think I am sensible, I just don want my parents to feel abandoned by their kids thats all..

So I guess now I will just have to endure their over protectiveness...

iRis said...

And also Ozzie.. and her smell..