Saturday, February 10, 2007

May he rest in peace

Just this week, my colleague whose boyfriend just lost his right arm to a motorbike accident told me that one of her friends lost his life in an accident while riding a bike.

He was only 23 years old. Life was just beginning to get interesting for him and he will never be able to experience it anymore.

He and another friend was riding separately on their bikes. They were going straight towards a bend when huge truck on their right was turning into the lane. The truck was carrying huge metal plates and it should have let these 2 friends passed, then turned into the lane.

It did not follow traffic rules and instead turn into their lane without giving the 2 bikers a second thought.

The first rider in the front sped past the truck.

The second rider did not.

It crashed directly into the path of the truck and into it directly.

My colleague told me that he died instantly on the spot. When she went to the accident site, she saw a mess. Blood, brain matters and 3 quarter of the rider's face was gone.

The mortician was not able to mend back the face and all that could be done was use lots of bandages to put the pieces of what was left of the face back together.

When the parents of their kid through the window of the coffin, they collapsed on the spot.

A waste of life, cos of a man's foolishness, a moment of folly.

He was only 23 years old when his life was snipped out, never going to have a chance to experience the challenges of life already. May he rest in peace.

All you drivers out there, please do take extra care when driving. Value lives, not time while you are on the road.


lakeside girl said...

That's tragic, life is that fragile sometimes.

iRis said...

Yea, but many people seems to forget about that..

DK said...

That why I always say don't ride a bike. Its just too dangerous.

Goat Almighty said...

anything can be dangerous. sometimes your safety depends on others like the truck driver who obviously didn't think much about other people's lives.

God bless.