Thursday, December 01, 2005

Split the child

And King Soloman said "Split the child into 2, let one half go to each mother."

Who is considered the true parent, the biological or the birth mother? The one who has never met the child but is genetically the creator of the child or the one who gave birth and raised the child since young but is not genetically link to the child? What if both also want the child? Which side would you stand for?

Law & Order: SVU return to our boring Channel 5 tonight and the first episode of the season was quite a mind-boggling one. Michele and Sarah went for in-vitro fertilisation at the same fertility clinic. The unsrupulous doctor planted Michele's fertilized embryos into Sarah without anyone's consent. 7 years later, Michele's only daughter died with her husband in a car accident. One fine day, she saw little Patty in a park and knew instinctively that Patty was her daughter. And the custody for Patty started. In the end, Michele loved Patty too much and let her go when she saw how the trial was affecting her emotionally.

And it turned out, Michele had 16 fertilized embryos and 4 were carried to term. Patty had siblings out there somewhere in the world.

Phew, I am still recovering from the show.......


rijac said...

damn. i've been so busy i dont remember when was the last time i watched tv. whats the latest on csi?

Iris said...

Which series?

The latest on the LV one will make you go on diet! i felt like puking while watching it.. but thats why I love it..!