Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I need relaxants

Ok, to update all the lovely people here who are concerned about me, I just went to see a doc for my chest problems. As expected, I was told to relax. I am too stressed up, and got an anxiety attack. Doc told me it was nothing and told me to take it easy, though I have no idea what the "it' he was referring to. But if the attack comes back again and become more frequent, I would have to go back to him and do an ECG or a lung test for my breathlessness, though he said its unlikely that it would happen since all my vital stats are a-ok and normal except for my cholesterol level.

Another thing to note is that I think the longer I stayed in the waiting area for the doc, the higher my stress level will go up. Kaoz.. There were babies screaming, aunties yakking, children playing etc. And seeing people who came later than me, yet wait a shorter time than me to see the doc just pushed my stress level up. Add to that is the incessant calls from office and customers on my mobile. At that rate, I might just got a heart attack on the spot.


DK said...

So did the doc give u any pills?

RO said...

hey..maybe u shd let mr "mo-mo" knows abt the stress u are facing?and see how he can arrange (or at least try) to lighten ur workload??

Paddy Tan said...

If your stressssss is not due to external factor, then I suggest you have to force yourself to relax more.

It is not easy but think about it, you will DIE if you dont in long run.

No joke on this. :)

Calamity Man said...

b-b-b-but paddy. everyone dies in the long run. *bewildered*

ok iris, you need to chill out and lay back if you feel it coming ok.

"it" being the anxiety attacks.

i hope you'd feel better soon.

keep us posted.

Paddy Tan said...

Yeah lah, everyone will die somehow but not when you know that something like this will kill you and not act on it. ;)

Iris, my girl.
Go take a tour, a hiking, do stuff that you like, play with the doggie, apply leaves and just chill off, yea ;)

putitthisway said...

Everybody dies, but some prefer to die another day and definetly prefered to die in their sleep at a healthy ripe old age of 133.

The best thing that I can suggest you to do is to take a long walk, a dip or just go to some hell forsaken place where the god damn phone does not picks up the god damn signal.

Or like me, just lock myself into the room, pick up a big badass sword and chop my way thru cyberspace.

DK said...

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.

Calamity Man said...

you need a holiday. i was feeling something like that. i just had enough and booked myself a ticket not too long ago.

felt better afterwards.

and now i feel like crap again.

i think i have icantstandsingaporitis.

Iris said...

Thanks all for the concern!

I just need to flush my phone down the toilet..!

Calamity Man said...

why dont you just flush your phone down to me?