Sunday, December 11, 2005

Roomie vs Lappie

My sis has this sudden impulse to redesign our bedroom, at my financial expenses of course. Well, actually she was suggesting that each of us fork out about $400 and she will redesign our room, including getting a new wardrobe. A huge one that will accomodate all our clothes, which will be quite an uphill task considering that both of us have an enormous amount of clothes and what-nots in our individual wardrobe, including some stuff which I never even know existed in my possession. The pains of being girls with spending power.. *swoons*

And she is complaining that our wardrobe is falling apart, not unexpected considering the amount of junk that we have been stuffing in them. So, she asked me early this morning if I would like to redsign our room. I was like "ok, fine by me." And then she asked me to fork out the $400!

"Wah! how come so much!?"

"No mah, you give me the money and I go get the wardrobe and then the rest of the money I use to buy racks and stuff like that to redesign our room lor."

"So much meh? I want to get a new Powerbook and you are asking me to take so much money out now.."

And so how folks? What do you think I should do, pay for the room first or the Powerbook?

So many wants and so little financial support.. Who wants to support me and sponsor my room? :D


DK said...

Don't say I not good lah. I sponsor you $0.40. Next time when we meet up, remind me hor. :D

Cobalt Paladin said...

If there is a need to redesign the room and getting new furniture and if it is not urgent to get the Powerbook, then redesign the room first.

Anonymous said...

dont know how badly you want need/want the Powerbook...but in my opinion, nothing beats coming home to a nicely done-up room, a cozy one which you can spend lotsa your time in.

Calamity Man said...

so what computer are you using now? if it's an ibook, we can open table and talk.

anyway, when i'm not calamity man i like to redesign my room too. problem is, i dont have a room now.

Iris said...

So the general consensus is to redesign my roomie.. hmm..

yup mr loobz, I using an iBook right now..

How come Calamity man so poor thing has no roomie?

Iris said...

Oh and by the way, Dk, you can keep your 40 jiam..

Anonymous said...

Why redesign when you've been ranting to move out of the house? Save it for rental. ;)

DK said...

Why u look down on my 40cent ah?

Calamity Man said...

have you heard the song "life for rent" by natasha bedingfield before?

that's the official soundtrack to my life.

everything i have is not truly mine. how sad is that, huh?

i really want an ibook. hmmm, not so soon but.

Iris said...

Aiyoh mr loobz, Life for Rent is not by Natasha Beddingfield lah, its my Dido lah..

You got your life soundtrack salah lah!

Calamity Man said...

aiyah, i was just testing you only.

so i guess you must be feeling better now, eh? heh heh.

i like both girls mah. so i imagine they take turns to sing my soundtrack lor.

hahaha excuses excuses...

Iris said...

Yah yah, you don beided hor...