Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bye Poppy

Poppy just passed away today.

My sis gave her and Buddy away after Toto came to live with us. Everything was still ok until last night. Her friend said that Buddy was unsually noisy and kept screaming for the whole of the night. Even woke the neighbours up at some point. Then the next morning, she found Poppy's stiff body in the cage. As it turned out, Poppy was having difficulty laying eggs and died as a result. Buddy, being her mate, knew that something was very wrong and that she was in great pain. He was actually trying to catch our attention and yet we thought he was being naughty and making a nuisance of himself.

Poppy had always been laying eggs, perhaps its cos she and Buddy were so bored in their cage that they had nothing to do but to mate. On average, she would be laying about 2-3 eggs per couple of months. 6 of them actually hatched and the chicks are still healthy today, probably becoming parents today. When Poppy was pregnant, her belly would be so huge that she would literally be dragging along the floor and her temper would be really nasty. She would never let anyone of us touch her and would bite, most of the time drawing blood. She was one fiesty little birdie.

My sis cried out her eyeballs today. I am ashamed to say that I did not cry but rather felt a sense of loss. I bought Poppy when she was just a new born chick, feeding her in the middle of the night and making sure that she and Buddy would not go hungry. Although I seldom looked after them and leave the cleaning up to my sis, I am still attached to them in a way. And Poppy's death still left me with a weird sense of loss, not deep but still..

Bye Poppy.


Calamity Man said...

my condolences on your loss of poppy.

seriously, you didnt know. even if you had known, what could you have done?

it's sad. i cant imagine how mr poppy must be feeling right now.

Paddy Tan said...

Our condolences, iris.

Izel & Paddy

Iris said...

Poppy is off to a better place now..

Thanks guys for the condolences, we are going to get a new mate for Buddy.. :)