Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas feast

Eelin was in a cab with me when she popped this question to me. "Have you been spending time with your family lately?"

That caught me by surprise a little. I wasn't expecting her to talk about my family and we were talking about some other stuff right before she asked me this question.

"Not really. Me, sis and bro always seem so busy with our stuff and bro is now in NS and that makes it even harder for us to spend time together."

In fact, come to think of it, its been like ages since my whole family had a dinner toether. I think the last time when all of us really sit down to have a meal, on no special occasion and like a normal family was when I was still in the Uni. Sheesh.. that was so looong....

Anyway.. I was in the shower washing the hair when something just struck me. Incidentally, has anyone noticed that washing hair really helps in thinking and creativity. I always am the most creative when I am washing my hair.

Back to my brilliant idea or at least it appear brillliant in my own opinion, I am going to plan a Christmas dinner for my family. The festive season just provided me with the right excuse for a feast, a true Christmas feast! Hell, I might even ask my bro to bring her girlfriend along too, and my sis to bring her boyfriend too..! Then again, that would just make me the odd one out eh. Dad with mum, sis and bro with their partners. (Gosh, I really am pathetic....)

I want to have some meat loaf, honey baked ham, mashed potato, Ceaser salad, mushroom soup, brownies etc. Yummy! And perhaps I might even go get some red wine too, just for the occasion..! What did I miss out?

Ok, more excuse to shop for food this weekend..

And by the way, Merry Christmas to all!


DK said...

Well, if you really want, I don't mind "Xi Shen" abit and pretend to be your BF for that day.

But must say first, cannot anyhow touch me. :P

Iris said...

Wah lau! You si shen?!?! More like you got the perfect chance to "eat my toufu" lor!

Anway, why would I need to pretend to have a boyfriend?? No have, no have lor, whats the big deal manz...

But thanks for your help eh, too bad to disappoint you! :D

Anonymous said...

haha... u guys relax lar then should be ok liao.. no "eat toufu" if eat must also eat the actual thing... Merry Christmas to all n enjoy your holidays everyone! :D