Friday, April 15, 2005

Urghh!! Help!!

Originally uploaded by blurfroggie.

Poor hammy..! Of all places to get stuck, it had to get stuck in a printer! Then again, how did it get stuck in there in the first place?! There was nothing edible nor interesting inside a printer?!Perhaps there was something in HP printers that make it so attractive and interesting to hammys!

Although the poor hammy would most likely end up dead (since it looked like there was no solution to get it out of its tight position), the whole scenario did indeed look a little hilarious! Its either that I have a sadistic streak in me or I have a fetish in seeing hammies getting stuck but I really do find this picture hilarious! The first time I saw this, I laughed my head off!! And I still find it funny until now..! I was just thinking if the hammy can talk, then it must be saying "Urghh!! Somebody help meeee!!" It even seemed to be mouthing the words!! LOL!!

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