Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday with SPUG!

SIn Sin!
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Mashi's birthday is today and mine will be 4 days later so the OT gang from SPUG decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration for us! Its so sweet of them cos they actuallyl remember my birthday even though I only knew them for a short while! And the fact that I had not celebrating my birthday for a long time with a real birthday cake makes it even more heart-warming..!

Its kinda funny cos when Giz and DK asked me out yesterday, I did not really feel like goin out. Was in one of my moods again, probably cos it was nearing my birthday and I always feel very down when it comes to my birthday. Hey, I am going to be older again so you cannot blame me for being bad-tempered!

Anway, DK then told me that its cos its Mashi's birthay and they want to throw a surprise celebration for her. So I thought I should go too since its an important day for her! At the back of my mind, I actually had an inkling that they might also throw a celebration for me but since DK told me that they are only celebrating for Mashi, I did not give it a 2nd thought!

In the end, everything was worth it. I had a nice surprise and felt very touched for all the planning that they put into this gathering..! The cake that Starz bought was so oh so SINFUL!! Manz.. But it was so darn good!! Yummy! Had not have an excuse to eat such a sinful cake for a looooonnnng time!!

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