Sunday, April 10, 2005


Finally managed to get protetions for my iBook today..! Cool!

I have bought my iBook since Dec last year and have yet to get any protection for her (yes, its a her!) screen and her keyboard. Have been laughed at by the guys and girls and baby of the Spug unofficial gang. They cannot understand why I have not get anything to protect my iBook after owning her for so long!! One word, lazy!!

First on the shopping list is the screen protector. It is to protect its screen (duh, of course!), especially against scratching from fingernails of those itchy-handed people who does not know that touching the screen of lappies is against the first cardinal rule of owning a lappie!! I bought a package of 3 screen protectors and this made me poorer by $29 bucks! Kaoz...

Second to get is the keyboard protector. There is actually a very stupid reason why I definitely need this. The letterings of my keyboard is coming off and its mostly due to my own stupidity. The wristpad and the touchpad has been yellowish after me using her for long hours everyday. I tried many ways to get rid of the ugly yellow stains but they do not work. Last resort, I went to use Jiff. It work so well that I also decided to give my keyboard a good scrub. And so stupidly, I went to apply Jiff on my keyboard, forgetting that the letterings would be rubbed off by the very violent Jiff..!! This really brings to new height the meaning of "don try to be a smart aleck"!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there is only half of my N and S after the Jiff treatment.. This freaked me out so much that I decided to get the keyboard protector.. And this sets me back in the wallet department by $25, which is very worthwhile cos the Apple centre in Wheelock place is selling for $39.90! People, don't go Apple@Wheelock to get Apple accessories..!!!

After getting protections, I need a proper bag to keep my precioussssss.... All along, I have been keeping her in the white plastic bag that came together with her when I bought her. Its a filmsy piece of crap and does not protect her at all. As ususal, I was the joke of the gang everytime I took out my iBook from that piece of crap..! And they can't stand it that I don even have a proper bag to keep my iBook! Guess, this is also a cardinal rule of owning a lappie..! So I went to get myself proper storage bag at the price of $16.90, which is actually a good bargain!

All in all, i invested like $70 for my iBook protection today and the whole process was really fun..I have the help of the computer experts in Spug so i can just take a back seat in choosing the stores and wait for them to bring me to the cheapest store..! Heh..!!

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