Sunday, April 03, 2005


Came back home and went to the toilet when I found a very unwelcome guest sitting comfortably in it.. I screamed my head off for my dad who came rushing out from the bedroom with my mum thinking that I fell or something like that.. Sweat man....

Ozzie, being the always curious and busybody dog who needs to get involved in everything happening in the house also came rushing to the loo, checking out if there is anything she can help us with. Then when she saw me sreaming and running to my bedroom like a mad woman for cover, she stopped in her tracks and literally froze. Her ears perked up and she stood very still. My body was in my bedroom but my head poked out and I can see that she was staring at me, looking very scared.. Hahaha!!

While my dad was busy trying to get rid of the unwelcome guest, my mum teased Ozzie to come and help my dad.. Ozzie seemed to know that something was not right and she backed away from the hot zone.. Then when my mum moved towards her, she ran to my brother, who was sitting in the living room, happily watching TV, either oblivious or just can't be bothered to all the commotion..Idiot.. Ozzie then stood on her hind paws and put her front paws on my bro's leg and looked at him with her big, watery and black eyes, begging to be carried.. Her ears were down and the overall look was just too disgustingly cute for anyone to not be feeling sorry for her..! So my bro carried her and the battle was lost..

In the end, my dad managed to flush the unwelcome guest down the throne and alls well ends well.. (except for the welcome guest of course..) But I finally realized that we have a very useless dog at home.. Imagine getting her to guard our house! She might end up hiding under the sofas in the event of any intruders!!

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Gizmore said...

one small little pest only... haiyo !