Thursday, April 14, 2005


I was really down on my luck today..Blody fucking hell...

The first thing that hit me when I woke up this morning was the smell of Ozzie's shit. She slept in the yard which was just outside my toilet and her shit really STINK! The whole damn toilet was filled with a shitty smell.. Its not exactly a good way to start the day when you are hit by the smell of shit right in the face the moment u stepped into the toilet groggily, still trying to force your eyelids open!

Ok, enough of the shitty episode..

Next, after ironing my skirt (yes, I iron my clothes in the morning), I realized I got a little time to spare and played with my iBook for a while. I totally forgot the time until it was too late..! Never mind, I figured, I can afford to be a little late cos I worked until very late the night before. So I took my own sweet time to change and get ready. It was only while I was painting my face that I realized that that was supposed to be a meeting at 8am in the morning! Fuck! I panicked and rush out of the house! In order to take a short cut and save time, I had to cut across a field and I totally forgot that it was raining the night before and the grass was still soft and wet! So, my heels got stuck in the mud every step that i walked in the field! Double Fuck!

When I reached the bus-stop, I found out that my EZ-link card had ran out of value. Damn it! No, choice, i gotta pay cash on the bus. Then, I realized that I had already missed the direct bus to the interchange, so I decided to take a non-direct bus instead cos I really could not spare any time waiting for the bus, otherwise I would missed my company transport and take a cab by then. So I took a non-direct bus to the train station and walked again.. I hate walking...

When I reached the office and turned on my email, the first mail that I saw was "Meeting postponed to 630pm this evening." KNN!! Bloody fucking hell!! I had to walk in the mud, across a long road and rush like a mad woman to take the bloody fucking company bus to get to the bloody fucking office in time for that bloody fucking meeting which was ultimately bloody fucking cancelled!! WHAT THE FUCK!!

When I came out of the office at night, Lady Luck scorned at me again. The moment I stepped out of the office, the feeder bus to the Boon Lay interchage happily zoomed past me! Asshole! Since it was already 730pm, it would take at least half an hour for the next bus to come. So I spent the next half an hour sitting like a fool with a brown mouse at the bus-stop waiting for the bus. It was busy ransacking the dustbin nearby while I was there feeding the mozzies and waiting for my bus.. The only consolation was that the mouse was quite cute and it was rather interesting to watch it ransacking the bin but hey, anything is interesting when you are bored! Especially when you were alone at a bus-stop in a deserted place with containers and trucks for companions waiting for a bus! Any living companion, in this case a mouse, would be nice!

While on the bus home, it began to rain. At first it was only drizzling slightly but as I was nearing my place, it began to pour..! The nearer I was to my place, the heavier the rain..! When I got off the stop, the rain was really very heavy.. At that time, I already don give a fuck and walked in the rain. I just want to get home and shower and then rest my brain.. Already murdered a lot of brain cells while working in the day.. So I walked in the rain with my brand new WHITE heels. While crossing the road, I accidentally stepped in a puddle of mud!! Damn it! And because of the heels and the rain, the interior of my sandals was really slippery. There were times when i almost slipped and fell cos it was too difficult to walk.. I managed to reach my place in the end in one piece albeit much "arghs" and "urghs". At least I did not fall apart or fell while walking back!

The moment I reached home, the rain lightened up and as I stepped into the shower, it stopped.. Bloody hell..

I hate today..

And Singnet is throttling my download speed.. ARGH!!!!! I am pulling out my hair!!!

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