Saturday, April 02, 2005


Sitting in the afternoon watching my TV torrents and feeling slightly giddy from the warmth of the afternoon.. Getting really bored being cooped up at home.. I need to get out of the house but have no idea where the hell I want to go or what the fuck I want to do..! Blah.. Singapore is so small and there are nothing really interesting to do on a weekend.. I have the good mind to go to Orchard to get myself some working clothes! But Orchard is getting a tad too boring.. In fact, I should say that its getting VERY boring! People all over the whole stretch of road, walking about aimlessly.. Damn..

And if I decided to go shopping at Orchard, the next question would be who should I get to join me?! I don't really want to get stuck there alone wondering aimlessly.. boring.. Tried that before and it still leave a sour taste in my mouth when I see people enjoying themselves with their lovers or with a huge groups of friends while I am alone with all my thoughts.. Damn, I really should go out and make more friends!

Speaking of friends, I have not meet up with anyone of them for a long time already.. Sigh, missed the NTU times when although we don't meet often but would at least bumped into each other in school and at least got some chances to talk and keep each other up to date on what is happening with each others. Now, everyone is either busy with their career, their men or their families..

JP is attached and will be very busy with her man. CN is always very busy with her career, ML, WP and Val are busy with their other friends, their men or making money. WL is busy with her new job, so is HX. EM is busy with her hubby. MY is busy with seaching for a new job. YY has gone MIA for a long time. EL is the only one who has got the most time on her hands but shes very involved in her church and her family. Have not spoke to her for a long time already even though I am supposed to be keeping her company now that shes back from Down Under, felt a little guilty about that actually!

As for me, sigh, I must be the most pathetic amongst them all. I don have any man, don really have much of a career, at least not now at the moment. I think I must be the only one in my whole group of friends who has got the most time on my hand..! I go to work, come home and live online. I have not even indulged in my favorite pastime, reading, for a long time already. In fact, I have not read for a long long time already. The only thing that I am involved in is to get online and live in the cyberworld. Its kinda pathetic. All my friends are facing their loved ones or their friends while I am cooped up at home and facing a piece of machine. In fact, I have been so bored that I am downloading every single songs that are featured on Perfect 10's top 20..! Might as well use get the most out of Limewire since its free anyway. Downloading illegally seem to be the only thing that interest me these days. Sigh.. Even my parents seemed to be worried about me. They are worried that their first born will get stuck in the cyberworld for so long and then remain a spinster!

Its very lonely to live a life when there is no one to share your thoughts and feelings to. I am sure any of my friends would be more than willing to listen to what I have to say but the problem is in choosing who you want to talk to. There will always friends whom you can talk better to than others. Sometimes, you may know a person for years and yet can still not feel comfortable talking to them about your life and then there will be others whom you have only known for a few weeks and yet you can tell them all about yourself.

Went clubbing with a few friends from SPUG last night. Its been a long time since I indulged in such activities.. Phew, felt a little weird to be dancing actually. Brought back memories about the first time I went to such places. It was an NTU bash and the event was held at the now defunct Venom. The place was really large. Went there with a large group of friends and danced the hell out of each other. In fact, we were so loosened up on that fateful night that all of us danced until we were sweating like mad! And I can still remember that me and WP were dancing a little, how should I say, erotically..! Even attracted a guy to want to dance with us! Hah! But in the end he moved off cos we can't be bother with him! That was the most memorable clubbing time that I had.. A group of young, happy-go-lucky girls having fun with no worries in the world. Sigh, everything has changed so much that I am sick of it all.. Damn it..

I am so bored that I am blabbing about memories here. Bloody hell..


wy_7177 said...

Ah hua, if ur bored can jio me out, I'm quite free on sat one :)

Iris said...

Hey! you read my blog!!

By the way, whats the URL for your blog? I forgot but I want to read yours leh..


wy_7177 said...

Mine is at:

Gizmore said...

there's always DK... muahahahahhaha