Saturday, April 30, 2005

Boycott KFC!!

After seeing what I saw here, I am going to boycott KFC..!

This is bloody sick and disgusting.. I am not trying to act holy by saying that since chicken happens to be my favourite meat but why put the poor chickens to such misery when they are already going to be killed?! There is no need for all the rough treatment in stomping and throwing them about?! They did not do anything wrong other than being chickens!

Chickens are actually very affectionate animals and I am not kidding when I said that. My mum had one once and so did JP (one with a name as Andy who ended up getting eaten by a python, poor bird..) and both of them agreed that having chickens are like having a dog. They are defensive towards anyone who dares to bully their master and are quite intelligent animals.

In any case, I am going to boycott KFC now.. No more KFC for me..!!


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