Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Ate something that does not agree with my tummy last night and end up getting a really bad case of stomach upset.. I was throwing up my gastric the whole night last night. Threw up a lot of white foams and gastric juice and whatever shit that was inside my tummy. At one point, I almost fainted (probably cos I took 6 charcoal pills at one shot to get rid of the gas inside my stomach!!) while sitting on the toilet throne. I remembered seeing my hands and wondering why were they so pale and white, and why was the toilet so bright.. And I also remembered me feeling really tired and just want to close my eyes and lie down on the toilet floor.. It was at that point when I realized that I was having a fainting spell. I rushed out of the loo (after wiping my ass of course..!) and gave my sis the scare of her life by screaming for her and saying that I was fainting and dropped on the floor, tired and sleepy.. Sis gotta dragged me to my bed and tucked me in. She also brought me a glass of warm water and basically looked worried for me..! Shes actually worried for me!! Hah! Shes not that pesky after all!!

Anyway, I lied on the bed for like 5 minutes before rushing to the loo again and threw my insides out. Was retching so badly after the puking even though there was nothing in my tummy already.. Basically, my tummy muscle just kept contracting even though there was nothing to get thrown out and my throat hurt so much after that.. Poor me..

Went to the polyclinic to see the doc. Waited for an hour or so before being able to see the doctor for like 5 mins.. Christ.. what a waste of time.. If not for that bloody MC...!

Stayed at home and managed to e-file my taxes. The stupid IRAS website took a bloody long time to load and its really pissed me off..!!! I gave up and used my PC Windoze and the whole process was done in 5 minutes!! Sweat man..! Guess, the gahman don really like Mac..

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