Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weird scenes

I was just re-watching the previous episode of CSI: New York when I noticed something really weird in one of the scenes.

In the below scene, Mack was standing in front of an exhibit looking at the place where a body of a woman was found dead. Behind him, underneath the first bench, I noticed something moving there. There seem to be a child in orange shirt moving beneath the bench. There was not supposed to be anything nor anyone there at all. The whole place was supposed to be empty, even in the story itself.

And then the next moment, Mack heard something and turned around. As the story went, he heard someone in the other room and ran towards the direction wanting to figure out what was it. As he turned, you can clearly see the bench and there was no one or anything underneath it.

Now, you tell me if its a blooper or its something which only I noticed??

Logically, I was spooked by the scenes.

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