Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Selfish bitch

I can never understand how some people can be so bloody downright selfish. I actually lived with one of such assholes.

My sis (henceforth known as the bitch). The usual pain in my big fat ass.

Ozzie. The way she is treating us, her family and the way she is using Ozzie to irritate us is gonna make us hate and dislike Ozzie more. I am really starting to hate that dog. And its all her fault.

For some stupid unknown reason, Ozzie likes to jump onto my bed, perhaps its more comfortable than her own beddings. And I hated it. She stinks, and I hate her stench.

That bitch happens to think that its funny to piss me off when Ozzie is on my bed. She actually purposely ask Ozzie to jump onto my bed when I am around. How fucking dumb is that?! She actually thinks its funny and comical to see me fuming whenever I see Ozzie on my bed. My mum actually told me that the bitch actually cuddled up with Ozzie on my bed when I was not around. Fucking asshole.

Next, I am always complaining that Ozzie stinks. Its the nature of dogs, all dogs stink but Ozzie's stench is particularly bad cos of her bad breathe. I am always complaining to the bitch and yet she said its all in my mind since I am biased against Ozzie.

Hello?! Come on lah! She think I am so free as to do that!? I can't even be bothered to talk to her, much less than do these kind of silly things! And I am definitely not biased against Ozzie cos my parents also complained that Ozzie stink.

The thing is, the mere act of buying Ozzie is already very selfish. She bought a dog into the house which happens to be our house too and yet she did not talk to us, to ask for our opinions. Then she expect us to treat Ozzie nicely and even help her clean up Ozzie's poo and feed her. How selfish can anyone get? This is our house too, we live here and we should be asked first before you bring another member into the family too! Thats the most logical thing to do! And not only that, she expects my mum to clean up Ozzie and to feed her too. My mum is already dead tired from working and that bitch wanted Mum to help her with that?! I am certainly not going to help her with that! I never like pets anyway..!

Well, maybe cats, I love cats. But thats another story.

The point is, she bought another member into the family, force us to like it, and yet is always doing some stupid antics to get us irritated just for the heck of it.

My patience has a limit. The next time she lets Ozzie jump onto my bed, I am going to kick her down. I don bloody care if its a dog or its a doll. I am fed up.

I think I need some liang teh, my temper these days have been soaring. I am certainly not in a very good mood these days....

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DK said...

Do you know that there r pills that dogs can take for their bad breathe? Check out your nearest pet shop.