Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is it worth it?

You know something, its been quite a while since I met up with any of my friends. Friends from my school days, friends I know from the forum. The only person that I have been meeting these days seem to be the most unexpected person, one whom I would not even be expecting to be talking 2 months earlier! Life works in a strange way sometimes.

I missed seeing all my friends. I missed the days when I would be seeing my girlfriends from my schools. I missed us teasing each other for the silly antics that we were always getting into. I missed seeing Alex's motherly ways, Constance Ah Lian ways, Wendy's cool and calm analytical mind, Janice's bad mouthed temprement. I missed Emily and HX's gossips, I missed YY's calm behaviour, I miss Eelin's silly talks.

I missed DK's long talks with me. I missed Brian's Ah Beng talking style. I missed Zhen Zhen's sometimes blur antics. I missed HJ teasing, though sometimes it just get a little on my nerves. I missed our gatherings when we can talk about anything and everything, gossiping about the different members in the forum.

Perhaps it is time I grow up. Being grown up entails so much responsibilites and sacrifices. Because of our work schedules we have to give up making time for friends and give up spending more time for what we would like to do everyday. There are so much things I want to do and so much things that I would like to experience everyday. But because of my responsiblities, I had to let go of these.

Is it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

I missed u too.. but alas, i was devastated to find my name not on the list..oh well.

Iris said...

You are always on my mind, I miss you too..

DK said...

look like need to organise a outing soon....

but u free or not in the 1st place? :P

Iris said...

Sure..! I shall make myself free for you all..!