Friday, April 14, 2006

Eight Below

Its funny how after I posted a ranting entry on here that I really disliked Ozzie's stench and I went to watch an insipiring show about dogs, specifically Huskies. And got all teary and inspired by the show.

Eight Below
is about an Antartical guide who had 8 huskies. They were his family and he treated them like his kids instead of his pets. They survived together in the "bottom of the World". The dogs loved him and he was part of their pack. A "storm of the century" and an accident related to his customer forced the guide to evacuate and the dogs were all left behind to accomodate the humans and the equipments in the plane. The dogs were left behind in that godforsaken piece of land for almost 6 months, with no food, no shelter and with a storm on their heels, or hinds. As a pack, they took care of each other, fought for each other and played together. 2 died in the end, leaving 6 of them. The guide was faced with a lot of difficulties in getting back to them to bring them back but he did manage to bring them back ultimately.

My colleagues were all teary after the show. Its a feel-good-happy-ending kind of show. Its from Walt Disney, so what were you expecting! Heh!

Anyway, its a good watch. Go watch it if you have not. And it certainly make me ashamed about the way I am treating Ozzie. I should really play with that girl more and feed her more of her treats.

Then again, her mummy is such a bitch that I hated to give in to her.....


Anonymous said...

Did any of the dogs die?

Iris said...

Erm.. I did mention that out of the 8 dogs, only 6 were left when the story ends..