Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chiong ah!

Birthday, it comes and goes..

And mine last night was the most memorable... *sweat*

My colleagues gave me a surprise and a bouquet of flowers. 3 stalks of white roses with pink outlines on the petals. Very sweet and cool. And my birthday cake was Swenson ice-cream cake! My favourite cake in the whole world perhaps! Yummy!

I was really busy yesterday. Suddenly, it seems like I got a number of out of the ordinary clearances to do. So I was busy and rushing for datelines the whole day. Suddenly, June called me. Said something about a customer wanting to meet me. Puzzled, cos I never made any appointments with any customers and so I went to look for her.

Imagined my shock and pleasant surprise when I entered the showroom and saw the whole bunch of them singing the birthday song to me! Hah! I was really caught by surprise and I think that was my first surprise in my entire life! Woohoo! The 2nd surprise came when they asked me to go take picture in a new car and lo and behold, there was a nice bouquet of flowers there waiting for me! How delightful..!

And my birthday celebration was still not done yet.. This time it was the scaary part...

As usual, we went to a pub to drink. Not that I like to drink but since everyone was in a happy and cheery mood, I figured just go along. Besides they like to drink and since they celebrated my birthday for me, I just wanted them to enjoy yourselves too.

Initially, everything was fine until Adrian came. That man is really no joke. Hes scary when it comes to such partying! For the whole night, he kept asking me to drink and drink and more drinking! And even made me dance on stage! Kaoz! Luckily, I was too high to even think clearly.

Then it was more drinking. That was the first time I got to drink something which burned my throat and I did not even know what was that. I even got to drink the famous Lamborghini and never have my face been in so close proximity with fire! Cool!

I was already drunk by that time and I had already puked myself silly in the toilet. I figured, thats it, I had to stop. So in my drunken state, I was determined to turn the tide and made Adrian drink instead.

And so I did something which I would have never done.

"If I kiss Adrian, would you guys spare me from drinking?" I boldly suggested.

"Sure! Must be tongue-to-tongue one!" These people were out for blood.

In the end, we played along and so I plastered my mouth on his and we did it! That was so crazy! Hahaha! It was sweet revenge to see Adrian squirming though...!

In the end, I hopped onto a cab alone and reached home. Even managed to remove my makeup and shower before plonking on the bed and got dead. Had a bloody hungover this morning and my gastric was so acid-ed that it hurts. Head was spinning and was still retching this morning.

Now my head is still throbbing and my gastric, though does not hurts anymore is still a little sore....

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