Thursday, June 16, 2005


If you have the choice, would you choose the red pill and wake up from your dreams or the blue pill and continue to live your life as it is? Would you want to wake up to the reality and be free of control and face the real, cruel world or to choose the blue pill and continue to live your life in an ignorant but blissful existence? On the one hand, you would be living your life as it is, without disruptions to your daily mundane happenings, waking up, going to work, eat, sleep and then restarting the whole routine again. And on the other, you startled yourself from your daily schedule and awaken your consciousnes, starting your journey on finding the reason behind the your existence, even though the reality can be harsh, the journey tedious and full of bobby traps. Which would you choose? Are you willing to give up your familar and comfortable lifestyle for the unknown?

Have you ever wonder what its like if you were someone else? It does not necessarily mean that you have to be someone famous or someone great. It can be just anyone that you see on the street. It could be that lady across the road trying her best to cross over to your side of the road, the skinny little boy running towards you or the old man walking past you. Like a spider jumping from one person to another, peeping into their mind and see what they are feeling and thinking at the moment, understanding their thoughts and rationale for their actions. And knowing what they are thinking at that precise moment, what they are going to do in a few minutes and what they are thinking when they see you. Living their lives for a moment and then moving on to another person and then starting to understand another person's thoughts all over again. How wonderful if I have that kind of ability! Then I would be able to know what each and everyone is thinking, and know who are the evil ones and who are the good ones.

I saw a very stupid and weird mother today. She was heavy with child and yet she was riding on her hubby's bike on the CTE! Her tummy must have been like a 5kg bag of rice and I think she must be like 6 months into her pregnancy and yet she was riding on a speeding bike on the highway! Either she trust her hubby's driving skill so much or she was just plain stupid.

Had a mutton mutabak earlier. Not very nice because the mutton were tough and it had a very muttony stench. But the milo-dinosour was good, although the quantity of the milo powder was a little stingy. Not that I am a big fan of pratas but since Brian had a very heavy craving for pratas, I just went along with the rest... Hmm, its weird that he is the one having the cravings, I would expect Irene to have cravings for food..!

How in the world am I going to get a mini iPod?! I am still a little pissed that a certain stupid Gintai cheated me of my time on last Saturday.. I had a good mind to call him or maybe even to go to the address that he stated to let him have a taste of my temper..! That bloody bugger! Fuck.. Perhaps I should blame it on myself for being so gullible.. Sigh.. how can I learn to be more streetwise..... Live on the streets for a while? Then again, in Singapore, the streets are so much more gracious than any where else.. How to even be streetwise?!

Why is Darth Vader known as a Sith Lord? Since he is in his matallic armour, why not just named him STIFF Lord?! That would be very funny!! He does seem very stiff to me!!!

I am so sleepy now.. I am dozing off in front of my beloved iBook again. Seems like I am forever doing that and my eyebags are getting heavier. Haiz.. I work in the day from 8-6pm and then reach home by 7pm. Essentially, this means that I only got slightly more than 4 hours to do my own stuff, playing with my iBook, reading and stuff like that. And yes, I intend to go back to read, will be spending less time playing with my iBook. I can still remember the feeling of getting lost into a book. The feeling is euphoric..

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